Sharing the magic and joy of lantern parade!

Welcome to A River of Light-sharing the magic and joy of lantern parade!  For centuries, we have been building lanterns and luminaries to celebrate, commemorate, warm and brighten the darkest of days. A lantern parade is a wonderful way to mobilize people to work, play and socialize together, in a truly unique interface between art and community.

Hosting a lantern parade in your school; building lanterns with co-workers; starting a new tradition, or holding community workshops in your town –these are all beautiful and memorable forms of interactive art-making that engage creativity, collaboration and celebration at their core.

A lantern parade doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate–it can be small and unassuming with a beat of a drum and a handful of heart-warming luminaries–or it can be wild and jubilant with booming rhythms, awe-inspiring illuminations and hundreds of friends and neighbors filling the streets of their hometown with light, music and joy.

Star-building at an artist lantern-making workshop

Fireside finale, Middlesex 2013

A River of Light from 2003, UK

A giant toadstool in Waterbury, 2016