A River of Light works to bringing the joy and magic of lantern parade to local communities and organizations through

social engagement, creative art-making and celebratory events.

A River of Light
founder Gowri Savoor, is a visual artist and teaching artist, whose practice includes sculpture, painting and the Indian art of Rangoli. Born in England, she was educated in Manchester and Leeds, and moved to the United States in 2007. Having trained with organizations such as Walk the Plank, she has been teaching local communities to host school and district-wide lantern parades in the UK, and the US.  She is passionate about bringing art to the community through participatory art events and has been a teaching artist for over 17 years. Since 2010,  Savoor has been the the co-organizer and artistic director of A River of Light in Waterbury, as well as facilitator of numerous parades in towns across New England.

For more information:
Gowri Savoor website: www.gowrisavoor.com
Gowri Savoor Rangoli: www.rangolibygowrisavoor.wordpress.com
Waterbury’s River of Light Community Blog: www.ariveroflightinwaterbury.wordpress.com
Creative Ground: www.creativeground.org/profile/gowri-savoor

National Endowment for the Arts, United States of Arts: Vermont. Video

Article in 7Days:
Vermont Lantern Parades Punctuate the Darkness

Angelo Arnold is a sculptor and technical director for A River of Light, whose practice includes the construction of anthropomorphic furniture sculpture. His upholstered forms are dynamic in gesture and the reference to furniture vocabulary provides a platform to recall past memories. He received his MFA in Studio Arts/ Sculpture from The Ohio State University, and has been the recipient of a several art grants including a Berkshire Taconic Artist Resource Trust Grant and multiple fellowships and awards for his sculpture. He has been a founding member and technical director for A River of Light in Waterbury since 2010 and is the co-facilitator for the large-scale lantern-labs.

For more information:
Angelo Arnold website: www.angeloarnold.com